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About Us


Our focus is in the “small haul” market which is comprised of household goods and the removal of junk or unwanted items that would typically fit in a pickup truck or similar size vehicle. 


The Haul Buddy app matches customers who need items moved, delivered, or hauled away with individuals (Haul Buddies) that own pickup trucks, vans, or trailers who can perform haul services.

Terry Groves

Founder & CEO

Terry is an innovator, entrepreneur and senior executive with over 30 years of experience launching new businesses and consistently achieving revenue targets. He has served as a senior strategist and sales executive with three startups from first revenues to successful exit providing demonstrable returns for investors.

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Garrett Cline

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Garrett is a sales manager and executive with over 20 years of success with early and mid-stage technology and services companies.  He has helped lead multiple sales organizations to consistently meet and exceed revenue and growth targets.

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The Beginning

While renovating our home we struggled with junk removal and delivery of needed household items.  Hiring contractors over the internet was challenging, risky and time consuming.  It was clear we needed to find a better way. 



Our mission is to provide consumers and businesses with a marketplace that enables them to easily find, connect with and request certified hauling services for a fair and equitable cost.

We started with a clean sheet of paper with the intent of answering the question; "How could we improve junk removal and delivery of household goods?".  By leveraging our knowledge and experience gained from successfully launching other start-ups we recognized it had to be very EASY for customers to use.  Being web-based reliability was critical and it needed to be low cost.  Our highest priority was customer safety and security of personal information. By using a methodology proven with other businesses we successfully built it provided the right foundation for a scalable and highly effective solution.

We started Haul Buddy because we realized there had to be a better way to find a cost-effective solution for hauling small loads of items on-demand.  Typical service providers have significant overhead and though the cost may be appropriate for larger loads it becomes cost prohibitive for smaller loads.


The only other alternative was to rent a vehicle and self-move the items but this can be problematic when there is no one to assist with the move, if there are physical restrictions, scheduling restrictions, or if you simply don’t want to do the work.

Haul Buddy fulfills these needs by providing an on-demand solution.  This allowed us to have a scalable solution with faster response times to customer needs.   The benefit of an on-demand solution is that it provides a lower cost alternative that replaces the need for the self-move rental approach or traditional hauling and moving services.

How it Works

Step 1

Tell us what you need moved or removed, and use the app to take a picture of what you want to HAUL.

What is it?

Junk removal
disaster response

Step 2

Enter the pickup and drop off locations, and select when you'd like the HAUL completed; ASAP or scheduled.

Where is it, where's it going, & when?

Step 3

Track your HAUL and pay in the app.

Track and confirm your HAUL delivery, then share your experience by reviewing your driver and tip all within the app.

Let's get Started.

Hire a Buddy now!

On demand delivery
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