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Delivery & 


Whether you're moving or need something delivered we can haul what you want, when you want! It's EASY!

Uber/Lyft for moving

Apartment/Dorm Moves

Haul Buddy movers can help with a variety of small moves.  Whether it's moving into or out of an apartment or dorm, a Buddy with a truck is at your fingertips.

On demand Delivery

Retail Delivery

Making a purchase at a big box retailer like HomeGoods, Lowes, or at your favorite antique store?  Request a Haul Buddy mover to meet you at the store and they can deliver it right to your door. 

On demand curbside pickup

Curbside Pickup Assistance

Simplify curbside pickup and eliminate the need to stand in long lines at the store.  Let a Haul Buddy mover pickup your purchase for you and deliver it to your home.

moving for business

Small Business Moves

Moving cubicles?  Need to move boxes to an off-site storage, or bringing in tables for the office holiday party?  YOU need a Buddy!  With our on-demand delivery we can do it for you.

Storage Unit Moving

Storage Unit Move

Need to get those holiday ornaments out of your storage unit, or need to put the canoe away for the winter?  Don't rent a truck, let a Buddy do it!  He's there when you need him on demand to move your precious items.

Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist Purchase Delivery

Online Marketplace Purchases

Schedule a Haul Buddy to pick up your purchases made on any of the online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Let Go, and Offer Up to name a few, and transport them right to your door.

Medical Equipment Delivery

Medical Equipment

Need to deliver medical equipment or transport records to your storage facility, a Buddy can pickup and deliver to your patient or the storage unit.

Parts Delivery

Parts Delivery

Need to expedite getting a part for your customer repairs due to supply chain delays?  A Haul Buddy can be readily available to pick up the part and bring it to your shop shortening the time to delivery, so you can complete the job for your customer.

Appliance Moves and Delivery

Appliance Moves

Whether new, used or scratch and dented, we can deliver your appliances where you need them.  Home, rental property or business a Haul Buddy mover can help.

Estate and Garage Sale Delivery and Moving

Estate & Garage Sale Delivery

Purchasing large items at an Estate, Garage or Yard sale?  You can request a Buddy to come pickup your items to transport them home.

How it Works

Step 1

Tell us what you need moved or removed, and use the app to take a picture of what you want to HAUL.

What is it?

Same day hauling
Same day moving

Step 2

Enter the pickup and drop off locations, and select when you'd like the HAUL completed; ASAP or scheduled.

Where is it, where's it going, & when?

Step 3

Track your HAUL and pay in the app.

Track and confirm your HAUL delivery, then share your experience by reviewing your driver and tip all within the app.

Let's get Started.

Hire a Buddy now!

same day delivery
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