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Donation Center Solutions

Donations &

    Community Assistance

Buddies will take what they can to local charities and donation centers to help those in need.

Assisted Living Moves

Assisted Living

 Having familiar items helps loved ones with the transition to an assisted living facility, making it feel more like home.  Haul Buddy can provide delivery and pickup of cherished items to those who matter most.

Pickup and Delivery to Donation Centers


Help your favorite charity by donating unused items.  A Haul Buddy will pickup and deliver to a charity of your choice.

Support groups

Adopt a Family

Help those in your community who need it the most.  Donate furniture, clothing, and other items to families in need with Haul Buddy pickup and delivery services.

Habitat for Humanity delivery

Habitat for Humanity

With Haul Buddy you can easily deliver donated building materials, appliances, and furniture to Habitat sites in your community.

Disaster Response

Shelters and Homeless Centers

Help the homeless by donating unwanted items  Haul Buddy makes it easy by providing services to pickup and deliver to homeless centers in your community.

Community and civic duty

Rehabilitation Centers

Help support people in need within your community.  Haul Buddy can pickup and deliver your donations to a rehabilitation center near you.

Religious groups

Church Raffle

Help your local community.  Haul Buddy makes it easy to support your favorite church fundraising events with quick and cost effective pickup and delivery options. 

How it Works

Step 1

Tell us what you need moved or removed, and use the app to take a picture of what you want to HAUL.

What is it?

Events and fundraisers

Step 2

Enter the pickup and drop off locations, and select when you'd like the HAUL completed; ASAP or scheduled.

Where is it, where's it going, & when?

Step 3

Track your HAUL and pay in the app.

Track and confirm your HAUL delivery, then share your experience by reviewing your driver and tip all within the app.

Let's get Started.

Hire a Buddy now!

Community support
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