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Uber like moving service


Deliver. Haul. Move anything NOW!

*Flat rate for whatever can fit safely in the bed of the truck

Uber like Junk Removal service

Junk Removal

Haul Buddy can help you get rid of all your unwanted items and take them to a donation center or landfill.

Disaster Response

Disaster Response

Rapidly mobilize a large community of haulers via the haul buddy network wherever disaster occurs.

Uber like Delivery and Moving service

Delivery & Moving

Whether you're moving or need something delivered we can haul what you want, when you want!  It's EASY! 

Uber like service for pickup and dropoff at Donations and Charity


A Haul Buddy can deliver your unwanted items to charities or donation centers.


Labor Only

Need extra muscle to help load your rented truck?  Haul Buddy provides labor only services to help get the job done!

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Uber like moving and delivery for businesses

For Business

Haul Buddy offers a variety of services for business such as property management companies, HOA's and retail stores. 

How it Works

Step 1

Tell us what you need moved or removed, and use the app to take a picture of what you want to HAUL.

What is it?

Delivery and moving
Uber like service

Step 2

Enter the pickup and drop off locations, and select when you'd like the HAUL completed; ASAP or scheduled.

Where is it, where's it going, & when?

Step 3

Track your HAUL and pay in the app.

Track and confirm your HAUL delivery, then share your experience by reviewing your driver and tip all within the app.

Let's get Started.

Hire a Buddy now!

Haul Buddy Services
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