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Disaster Response Solutions



Rapidly mobilize a large community of haulers via the Haul Buddy network wherever disaster occurs.

Hurricane Cleanup Junk

Cleanup and Haul Away

Disasters create a large amount of debris that can take weeks or months to clean up.  Haul Buddy offers an alternative that can respond quickly to affected areas.  Our trucks and drivers can aid in the removal of debris and reduce the time for clean up.

Tornado Cleanup

On Demand Delivery

Disasters create a sudden increase in demand for delivery of needed items or transporting goods and property to a safe location.  Haul Buddy can mobilize a fleet of trucks rapidly to areas impacted. 

Flood Cleanup

Surge Delivery Solution

Disasters create a sudden increase in demand on city resources.  Haul Buddy can assist metropolitan areas impacted by a natural disaster by dispatching a highly scaleable fleet of trucks to the disaster area. 

How it Works

Step 1

Tell us what you need moved or removed, and use the app to take a picture of what you want to HAUL.

What is it?

Junk Removal
Tree removal

Step 2

Enter the pickup and drop off locations, and select when you'd like the HAUL completed; ASAP or scheduled.

Where is it, where's it going, & when?

Step 3

Track your HAUL and pay in the app.

Track and confirm your HAUL delivery, then share your experience by reviewing your driver and tip all within the app.

Let's get Started.

Hire a Buddy now!

Debris removal
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