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Earn Money

  Become a Buddy  

Do you own a truck, trailer or van?

Then you have what you need to start earning money!

     Earn more $$ for each Haul

      Get paid to advertise

     Earn tips in addition to pay
      Ability to build your own
      business without franchise

      System promotes repeat
      Business referral bonus


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Why Become a Buddy?

With Haul Buddy you earn more money than with many of the other Gig economy offerings!

Maximize earnings as a Buddy


  • Great way to put extra cash in your pocket hauling stuff not people.​ 

  • Higher transactional value equals more money per gig.

  • Diversity in haul types; delivery, junk, charity.

  • Referral bonuses.

  • Get paid fast.

Work when YOU want

  • Haul Buddy gives you the flexibility to make your own schedule and Haul as often as you like

  • Weekends

  • Holiday's 

  • Late nights

  • Multiple shift options

  • Flex hours

  • Full time or part time

Be your own Buddy boss


  • Ever think about starting your own business? Haul Buddy lets you get started with little to no startup costs, simply register and start Hauling!

  • Make money when you drive.

  • Have your own helpers for loading.

  • Recruit other drivers under you.

  • NO Franchise fees!

How it works


Buddies will receive notification in the app of pending Hauls, which will contain a description and pictures of the stuff to be hauled.

Average Turn

The average haul time for a Buddy is about 30-45 minutes.

Accept Assignment

Simply log into the app and accept the haul assignment and be prepared to arrive at the schedule time for your Haul.

Complete the Haul

Mark your haul complete when you have delivered your haul to its destination, landfill, recycling or donation center.


Haul Buddy gives the customer flexible 2 hour windows to choose from for their haul to be completed.

Get Paid!

The average Buddy earns $50 per haul.

Being a Buddy

Become a Driver

Justin, Haul Buddy Driver

"...Haul Buddy is one of the best gig's I've ever done.  I make good money, and the work is great.  With the money I made I was able to payoff my student loans."

Become a laborer

Julianne, Haul Mate

"...I was looking for a side hustle to make extra money, and Haul Buddy was the answer.  I was able to start by using just my car.  Not only did I make extra money, it helped me pay for my new truck too."

Start your own business

Thomas, Haul Buddy Driver

"...I wanted to start my own business.  With Haul Buddy I was able to do that.  I set my own hours and I make more than I did  with my 9-5 job."

Requirements to become a Buddy

Deliver Superior Customer Service

  • Treat every customer like they're your best friend.

  • Be prompt and be on time.

  • Handle cargo as if it was your own.

  • Provide good communication to the customer.

  • Adhere to state regulations and laws.

Driver Requirements

  • Be in good physical health and have the ability to lift up to 75 lbs.

  • Able to operate a vehicle.

  • Have valid US state issued drivers license.

  • Ability to pass a background check.

  • Have proper equipment to perform the job, i.e. hand truck, dolly, tie downs, furniture pads, tarps, brooms, rakes, shovels, etc.

  • Active vehicle insurance that meets state requirements.

  • Upload image of yourself and your vehicle.

  • Provide verification of insurance.

Vehicle Requirements

  • Have access to a truck, van or cargo trailer.

  • Vehicle needs to be in good mechanical condition.

  • Ability to pass vehicle inspection if required by your state.

  • Current registration.

Other Requirements

  • Commercial Insurance (Recommended).

  • Workers Comp Insurance (If required by your state).

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