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Every Sale Bang’s a Nail

When you donate and help people shop in Central Arizona, WE BUILD together! Your donations help fund the construction of affordable homes for families in need of safe, decent, and affordable housing in Arizona! Help us give Arizona a Hand UP!

For best experience, fill this form out using a mobile device or tablet – Picture submission is highly recommended to expedite securing your spot in the schedule.

Donation Pickup Services

Regular Pickup

No Cost for Service

Typically Pick up in 4-7 Business Days

All items must be in garage, front of home, or in side/back yard with easy & safe access

Items must meet Donation Guidelines for pick-up services

Express Pickup

Haul Buddy Recommended!


Same Day/Next Day Service

Will go upstairs, pickup from inside home, curb side or at a customer specified location

Low Cost - Flat Rate

(disassembly available)

Additional haul away service for items that don’t meet Donation Guidelines (additional landfill fees apply)

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