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Chapel Hill


Say Goodbye To Junk On Your
Property In Chapel Hill

Looking for junk removal companies that can help you keep your property clear of unwanted items? Hiring Haul Buddy for your next junk removal task may be your best option.

We have a series of services designed to simplify your experience. Contact us today, and we will link you up with the best professionals for your Junk Hauling in Chapel Hill.

What Do Our Junk Hauling Services Include?


As professionals in the Chapel Hill area for many years, we focus on meeting your specific needs by providing the solutions you need.

We have a first come, first serve rule, but if you have something urgently, we can make an exception. Here is how we can help with Junk Removal in Chapel Hill:

Disaster Response

Furniture Removal

Old furniture can take up space and make your home look bad. If you have guests and people coming in and out of your home, you don't want this unwanted furniture lying around.

Contacting the professionals at Haul Buddy can end your problems. We are a professional service for Furniture Removal in Chapel Hill, designed to make your life easier. We will show up at your property and help you remove your furniture at the earliest opportunity.

Our experts focus on creating personalized solutions for your specific problems. It doesn't matter if your furniture is light or heavy. Our professionals are ready to help you through it all.

Disaster Response

Mattress Removal 

An old mattress can be a severe health issue for you and the ones around you. Even if you replace the mattress, what do you do with the old one? You haul it in the garbage.

Mattress removal is essential if you want your property to look clean and uncluttered. Our professionals will arrive for your mattress removal in Chapel Hill as soon as you contact us.

Simply get a fast and easy quote and we will start working out everything in advance. By the time we arrive, we will be ready to remove your mattress right away.

Disaster Response

Donation Pickup

Donating your unwanted belongings to charity is a noble cause, but getting rid of these items can be problematic if you have a busy schedule.

With our donation pickup in Chapel Hill, we can help you make this noble action more uncomplicated and quicker. We will show up at your property and ensure your unwanted belongings get dispatched and reach your designated charity on time. All you have to do is let us know what you need and when you need it.

Get Rid Of Items You Don't Need With Haul Buddy


Haul Buddy is the go-to option for anyone who wants to ease their life, eliminate unwanted items, and tidy up their property. Our professionals have worked in the hauling industry for many years and have personalized solutions for all types of hauling in Chapel Hill.

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