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Each time you upload images of your haul using Buddy Gear, you will earn an additional $5.00 for advertising per haul in addition to your sevice fee and tips.  *Purchase of this package is not required to perform services through the Haul Buddy marketplace.  However, you must select Driver Option #2 if you elect not to purchase this package.


This starter pack includes: 

  • Haul Buddy criminal and MVR background check which is required for all new drivers
  • 2 magnetic Haul Buddy signs for your truck, cargo van or trailer
  • 1 Haul Buddy T-shirt


Background check typically takes 7-10 business days.  Be on the lookout for an email with the subject "Haul Buddy has requested a Background Check on You".  Please follow the link and submit your information.


As soon as the background check is complete and approved you will need to complete the registration process in the Haul Buddy marketplace before you are active and able to begin providing services.


*All Background check fees are non-refundable. 

Earn extra money on every haul (click for details)

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