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Junk Removal In Raleigh, NC

Everyone has that one room, basement, or attic that just continues to accumulate junk over time. We all have the best intentions of cleaning it up “one day.” Well let today be that day! Haul Buddy offers top of the line junk removal services in Raleigh.

There’s no need to rent a truck or ask a friend for help, just let haul buddy take care of all your junk pick up needs. We offer the following services:

  • Junk removal

  • Furniture Removal

  • Mattress Removal

  • Donation Pickup

Whether it’s clearing out your entire garage or simply picking up the torn up, bug infested couch that’s been sitting on your porch for weeks, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to discover all of the ways that Haul Buddy can help you get rid of unwanted items in your house.

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Junk Removal In Raleigh

Do you have a garage full of unused sports equipment, broken furniture, and empty boxes? Get back your covered parking space! Haul Buddy can assist you with your junk removal needs in Raleigh by bringing your unwanted junk to either the dump or a donation center.

Do you have old electronics like an old desktop or the past ten generations of iPhones laying around? Haul Buddy ensures that your junk is disposed of properly with our electronic waste recycling program.

Disaster Response

Furniture Removal In Raleigh

Do you still have a large projector TV sitting in your basement? Maybe you have an excessively heavy sleeper sofa just sitting in your garage?

Avoid throwing out your back and call Haul Buddy! We can help with your furniture removal needs in Raleigh by getting that old unused furniture out of your house and onto our truck.

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Mattress Removal In Raleigh

Still “saving” that stained twin mattress that’s been sitting in your basement for 20 years? It’s time to be honest with yourself and make room for something else.

Haul Buddy can help with your mattress removal needs in Raleigh by picking up your mattress and get it out of your life for good. That way you can avoid any critters or creatures that may have made the mattress their home while it was laying around.

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Donation Pickup In Raleigh

Do you have furniture lying around that isn’t quite old enough to throw out, but that you just don’t want anymore? Donate it!

There are a ton of organizations in the Raleigh area like The Green Chair Project or Habitat Wake ReStore that will accept furniture in most conditions. While some of these organizations do offer pick-up services, you’ll often have to wait for months for them to come.

Get the furniture out of your house now and put it towards a good cause with our donation pick up services in Raleigh.

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Junk Hauling In Raleigh

Ready to get the junk out of your house today! Book a haul now! All you need to provide is where your located, what you need us to remove, and where it’s going. We will give you a quote and get that junk out of your life for good with the help of our Professional Junk Haulers.

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