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Transporting Garage Sale and Yard Sale purchases just got easier!

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

March 20 marks the Spring Equinox, and typically the time of year when we begin the “Spring Cleaning” of our indoor and outdoor spaces. If any of you are like me and you realize how much unwanted stuff you have, you start thinking about having a garage or yard sale to get rid of those items taking up space in your attic, basement or anywhere else the clutter has accumulated over the past year or more.

Haul Buddy

Alternatively, your neighborhood may sponsor a community yard sale, which is a bigger event and helps bring more people increasing the likelihood that your sale will be a success. However, the challenge for most people is getting those big, bulky items like couches, dressers tables and chairs to the community yard sale location, or if you decide to have the sale at your house the people purchasing those items may not have a truck to get them home leaving you with the item in your garage till they can come back with a larger vehicle.

All is not lost though! Luckily there is a new service coming to a neighborhood near you that can help solve your hauling needs! Haul Buddy, which provides on-demand, delivery, moving and hauling services, is launching March 30th just in time for your spring cleaning projects and yard sales. Through our website or mobile app, Haul Buddy will match you with people in your community who own pickup trucks, cargo vans, or trailers to load and deliver your household goods. It’s like Uber for moving, delivery and hauling. Whether it’s getting your items to the neighborhood yard sale or helping transport large items purchased at your garage sale a Buddy with a truck is right at your fingertips, and all for a flat rate.

Every driver is required to pass a thorough criminal and driver record background check, and Haul Buddy fully insures each driver’s haul giving you the peace of mind that your items will be delivered safely.

Lastly, Haul Buddy offers junk removal services too, so after your yard sale we can take those leftover unwanted items to a donation center of your choice or the local landfill. Visit our website at to learn more about our services and schedule a haul.

Haul Buddy

You can also send us an email us at:

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