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Being a Consumer during a Pandemic – What to do after the Purchase

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Let’s face it as consumers we purchase a lot of items – some we need and some well…not so much. And now that we are in the midst of a pandemic, we are finding it harder to get the things we need and get them to our houses.

And as much as Amazon offers there are still tons of things, we buy every day that are purchased from many other sources. The problem is not everyone offers delivery, or if they do lead times can be long or expensive.

Haul Buddy

But what about the rest of us that don’t have the time, energy, or massive diesel pickup? How do we get that great deal we found on Craigslist, neighborhood garage sale, thrift store; or better yet donated by friends or family home?

Luckily there is a quickly growing service called Haul Buddy that provides on demand delivery of all your cherished items and unlike most delivery services they can usually get it to your house faster (in most cases the same day) and do it cheaper. That is because it uses a network of people living in your city that own trucks, vans and trailers and have the skills to load, haul, and deliver your stuff. Think of it as a ride-share company with pickups, kind of like Uber or Lyft but instead of moving people they move stuff.

Even better is the fact that they will also will haul away your old items and donate, recycle or dispose of them for you. Try getting your furniture store to do that for you! Usually what happens is that, you are stuck with that old couch after the new one arrives and it gets relegated to the garage where your new Lexus used to park. Yikes!

Services like these are exploding because they have lower overhead which means you pay lower prices. Don’t need something delivered? That’s OK because the same service can be used to help you move, it is well suited for Apartment, dorm, storage unit or condominium moves and can come in handy for moving family members into smaller spaces like assisted living.

Once you use the service you will find yourself driving right past the rental truck agencies because lifting heavy stuff is just not that fun.

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