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New solution looks to provide a helping hand to consumers with clutter, garage sales, and purchases

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Haul Buddy simplifies getting items moved for consumers. The new EASY button for all the items that need to be delivered, moved or Hauled away.

Haul Buddy

It always happens, you outgrow your garage with stuff that accumulates over the years and the car gets pushed to the curb (literally). We all do it, buy that new item, but see life left in the old one. Too good to throw away right? Certainly, someone could use it? A friend? Family member or charity?

But time goes on, week after week the friend doesn’t show, and that family member was not as thrilled with that old couch as you thought they would be. Oh, and that charity? They can’t get there when you want or worse it does not even meet their standards.

Fortunately, a service is headed our way that looks to give a helping hand (or two) to solve the dilemma of moving items when you want, on-demand. Haul Buddy connects people who own trucks, vans and trailers in your neighborhood and are willing to move your stuff or haul it away for a flat fee. By using the Haul Buddy app or visiting the website, consumers can quickly schedule a Buddy to come to you and load the items for you. Then they will haul the items to anywhere you like or donate, recycle or dispose of them properly. Think of it as Uber or Lyft but with Pickup trucks that move items instead of people. Just enter the details in the website and your Buddy and his truck are on the way. It’s safe too because all drivers have to pass criminal and DMV background checks in addition to completing a HB certification.

Haul Buddy

And that Clutter? Gone! Your car now has its garage back and you did not have to do anything but click your mouse or use the smartphone app.It really is the EASY button for delivery, moving or hauling items away. Your spring-cleaning project just became a whole lot easier.

If you decide you would rather have a garage sale think how much faster your items will move if you could offer transport for the buyers, or maybe have people willing to pay more knowing they have an easy way to get it home.

Also, when you find that great deal on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or Letgo, it won’t be a problem your Buddy can help with that too by delivering your purchases right to your door. In fact, any of your retail purchases either online or curbside can benefit from the Haul Buddy service.

So, the next time you see that great find at your local antique store and your husband says it won’t fit in your vehicle don’t worry because you will have the solution at your fingertips. Lastly, unlike most delivery services the Buddy will also haul away the old item being replaced so it does not end up orphaned in the garage.

Haul Buddy

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