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New Solution looks to provide A Helping hand to Property Managers

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Haul Buddy

A new service is Launching in Florida to assist property managers and their tenants with on-demand hauling, moving and delivery services.

It always happens, just before a tenant is scheduled to take possession of a property or the day before a scheduled closing, a last-minute walk-through finds items left lurking in the garage, backyard, basement or attic that were unclaimed or forgotten by the previous owner or tenant. This is usually followed by a mad rush to locate a friend with a truck, a very kind realtor or moving company that can drop everything and respond at a moment’s notice. But let’s face it if the person who owned the items did not want them, how badly do we want to take on the challenge of moving bulky heavy items or finding the orphaned goods a new home?

Even for the willing and able finding a rental truck can be difficult without early reservations and advanced planning. Thrift stores and charities have limited schedules for pickups and may not want the stuff anyway.

Fortunately, a service is headed our way that looks to give a helping hand (or two) to solve the dilemma of moving bulky items on-demand. Haul Buddy connects people who own trucks, vans and trailers in your neighborhood, to move your stuff or haul it away to your local charity or landfill for a flat fee. By using the Haul Buddy app or visiting the website, property managers and tenants can quickly schedule a Buddy to come to your location and load the items for you, then they will haul the items to anywhere you like.

It is like Uber or Lyft in that it uses a rideshare approach to moving and delivering items but instead of cars it leverages Pickup trucks, SUVs, trailers and Vans that can fit the items easily. And it is safe because all drivers have to pass thorough background checks and complete a HB certification process.

Your Haul Buddy will even help pickup and deliver that special online purchase or great find at your local antique store or garage sale providing a value-added service you can share with tenants and landlords. And unlike most delivery services they will also haul away the old item being replaced

To find out more visit the website or email us at:



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